14 Iced Bears – 14 Iced Bears

A rare out of print classic, that has less to do with C86 and Sarah records than probably realised. Firstly this album was released on Thuderball Records.  I would hazard a guess that Thunderball was the Bears own label judging from it’s catalogue.  I always thought that they were a Sarah band, but after a quick check on Discogs they only released Come Get Me on the Sarah label.

This is not twee and has some psychedelic leanings. Some of the songs have a noisy fuzzy blanket over them.  This is true of the songs such as Take it and Train Song. After listening to this album, I personally feel that it is an uncredited influence on many bands.

Take the lyrical and dreamy Holland.  I like to think it was the inspiration for The Field Mice’s song Holland Street that appears on the So Said Kay 10-inch ep. Listen to Moths and The Darkside’s Tornado, and they are basically the same song.

14 Iced Bears : 14 Iced Bears

Take It
Train Song
Hay Fever
Dust Remains