Bang Bang Machine – Eternal Happiness

Bang Bang Machine fall into that category of bands that are remember predominantly for one song.  It is a good song but I think that it is revered much more than it deserves.  There debut album Eternal Happiness will be under the spotlight.

After the release of numerous singles (that included Geek Love twice)  Bang Bang Machine put an album together.  When it eventually arrived, it was not another Geek Love.  The expectation was suddenly deflated, and the album was poorly received.  The particular version I have of Eternal Happiness has Geek Love, the original 9 minute version.  That song was flogged to death.

This is an indie guitar album that has dance beats mixed in, in a nonintrusive way.  Other biographies of the band state that it is camped right in the middle of Britpop and Grunge, but I would classify Eternal Happiness as a pop album.  It is based around the extraordinary vocal ability of  Elizabeth Freeth.  Her voice is more distinctive and has shrugged off the slightly twee indiepop tone.  Eternal Happiness another forgotten album of the early nineties.

Bang Bang Machine – Eternal Happiness

Give You Anything
God Based Angels On You
Love That Burns
Charmed Life
Moon Jelly
16 Years
Lovely Lily
Geek love