The Pastels – Sittin’ Pretty

They appeared on C86 and are the embodiment of shambolic indiepop.  Sittin’ Pretty is an album that is either loved or hated.  It does not sit with the fey twee image that would surround them.  There is a rockabilly country feel to songs like Sittin’ Pretty.  There are plenty of influences at play with this album. Eugene Kelly (BMX Bandits, Captain America and Eugenius) has the vocal duties on Baby, You’re Just You and Swerve.  There is also a considerable Shop Assistants influence with Annabel “Aggi” Wright appearing on Nothing To Be Done and David Keegan on guitar duties in Swerve.

There is a refreshing garage rock appeal to the album, it owes much to the work of the Ramones and the Velvet Underground.

The Pastels : Sittin’ Pretty

Nothing To Be Done
Anne Boleyn
Sit On It Mother
Holy Moly
Ugly Town
Baby, You’re Just You
Ditch The Fool
Sittin’ Pretty