Curve – Pubic Fruit

Ten Little Girls was playing on the John Peel show even before the release of the Blindfold EP. John raved about Curve and said that they were going to be the next big thing. I thought that they were good and ordered the EP from Our Price.  In those days you had to wait for things to be sent to the record shop usually by a distributor like Cargo or Reactor. Unless you had a really good Independent Record Shop near.

Dave Stewart was the unlikely orchestrator of the formation of Curve. Toni Halliday was signed to Stewart’s Anxious label and Dave Garcia had played bass guitar in the live Eurythmics tour band.  Curvesfirst 3 EPs were released in a compilation (I know very Ride, Lush and Beta Band), the classic Pubic Fruit. This I would rate as some of their best releases. Doppelgänger was a bit of a let down. I think that was due to the fact that I had collected every EP and there was not much new good material on the album.

No Escape from Heaven is the standout track with Frozen and Die like a Dog coning a close second.  Sounding darker and more dangerous than American-Scottish alternative rock band Garbage that stole their thunder.  Swirling guitars buried beneath a throbbing rhythm with sexy expressive vocals.

Curve : Pubic Fruit

Ten Little Girls
I Speak Your Every Word
No Escape From Heaven
Coast Is Clear
The Colour Hurts
Die Like a Dog
Faît Accompli (Extended Version)



Curve – The Way of Curve

As tonight is Halloween I thought I would put something topical up.  I was a bit disappointed that Lush’s Spooky had already gone up so I thought that Curve’s Horror Head EP would be a good alternative.  To be honest if I want to listen to Horror Head EP I would not get the record out, but get my copy of The Way of Curve CD.

A double CD tribute to the late great Curve. It is a catalogue of their best moments a retrospective without being the ‘Best of’. The first disc is all the singles in chronological order, which naturally starts off with Ten Little Girls. Why, oh why, did they let MC JC001 loose on a couple of verses.

The second disc features rarities’ from the Superblaster EP that was only available in Germany, and a single for the album Disguise. There are covers of Ian Dury’s What a Waste, the Kevin Shields remix of Coming Up Roses and Donna Summer’s I Feel Love. It does not have my own personal favourite Curve b-side, the cathartic No Escape from Heaven, which was featured on the The Blindfold EP.

The whole album is very polished from start to finish. I am a very much a fan of the early nineties output, up until Doppelganger, but this has manager to stretch my interest beyond the nineties.

Curve : The Way of Curve (Disc 1)

Ten Little Girls
Coast Is Clear
Die Like A Dog
Horror Head
Fait Accompli
Missing Link
Pink Girl With The Blues
Chinese Burn
Coming Up Roses – Curve / Curve
Hell Above Water
Want More Need Less
Nice And Easy

Curve : The Way of Curve (Disc 2)

On The Wheel
Arms Out
Mission From God
Today Is Not The Day
Low And Behold
Nothing Without Me
What A Waste
Falling Free (Aphex Twin Mix)
Chinese Burn (Lunatic Calm Mix)
Coming Up Roses (Kevin Shields Mix)
I Feel Love
In Diguise

Curve – Cuckoo

It was about 1991 when Mark Radcliffe came from Radio 5’s Hit the North (which I could only get in medium wave), to Radio 1’s Out on Blue Six on Monday evenings. Mark Goodier was hosting the Evening Session during the week, and John Peel did the ridiculously late weekend shows.

Radio was good then. I was impressed with the fact that Mark Radcliffe had a free rein with the playlist. I wrote to the show and included a long list or requests one of them was anything by Curve.

One show Mark mentioned me and played a Curve song. He sent me an autograph through the post. Which I discovered in the shoebox that has tickets in it.

Cuckoo; Curve’s second album came out in 1993. It had more of the dark electronic noise that we would come to associate with the duo, yet it would be more experimental at the same time. Alan Moulder worked with them to create a album that used Toni Halliday’s icy vocals in contrast to the noise and distortions. The subject matter the Cuckoo is the usual topics of pain, obsession and confusion.

It is a complete package, rather than stand out songs and singles. Which might be one of the reasons that it did not fare that well. Despite the fact that Toni Halliday was foxy in a goth sort of way. It sat in a genre that had not really been invented. A bit too goth for the indie kids, and leaning too much to the indie scene for the goths.

After its release Curve split up briefly. Dean citing that due to the pressures of touring he never saw his two children.

Curve : Cuckoo

Missing Link MI0001698858
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
All Of One
Unreadable Communication
Turkey Crossing
Left Of Mother
Sweetest Pie