Electrafixion Live

In 1996 there was a lull in decent music.  We had to wait till 1997 for Mogwai Young Team and Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen.  Electrafixion filled the void.  Two of the Bunnymen grabbed music by the balls and embraced rock.  They gave themselves the name Electrafixion after Will Sergeant had a dream that Ian McCulloch was being electrocuted on a fence.    This 3 CD live album showcases how brilliant the Bunnymen were good live. It was attached to the release of Sister Pain. I was never fortunate enough to see them live, but judging by the album it was good.

Electrafixion : Live

Sister Pain – Edit
Zephyr – Live
Feel My Pulse – Live
Lowdown – Live

Sister Pain – Live
Never – Live
Holy Grail – Live
Too Far Gone – Live

Burned – Live
Loose – Live
Who’s Been Sleeping in my Head? – Acoustic
Sister Pain – Acoustic


Watching Hotel Babylon back in 1996, I saw Electrafixion. I was only watching to see Dani Behr, and was really surprised by Electrafixion.
Two former Bunnymen (Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant) put aside their differences and created a intense album. While McCulloch’s vocals are unmistakable there is a distinctly rock/grunge feel about the whole thing.

When Echo and the Bunnymen reformed, Electrafixion deceased. I was a bit skeptical about the Bunnymen reforming. I thought that they were using the Bunnymen name to shift records but there was a definite change in direction.

Electrafixion : Burned

Feel My Pulse
Sister Pain
Too Far Gone
Who’s Been Sleeping In My Head?
Hit By Something
Bed Of Nails