Eugenius – Oomalama

Eugenius’s gem of a debut album, Oomalama. A catchy, grungy, noisy and very happy go lucky album. Eugenius create a sound that is entirely their own. While others have said that they a akin to Teenage Fanclub, I think that they are entirely on their own.

It starts with the song Oomalama which is a hysterical heart racing ride. Down on Me is a the track that is most like a ballad but it is still quite upbeat. There is a whole bevy of catchy pop songs like I’m the Sun, while Flame On is spiteful, and Buttermilk is tender, they ultimately come across as catchy pop songs. The album’s finale is a version of Beat Happening’s Indian Summer. I have to admit that I thought that this was a Sonic Boom/Spectrum cover and never realised where the original came from.

You can understand why Kurt Cobain was influenced by Eugenius. Their influence should have really been more widespread.

Eugenius : Oomalama

One’s Too Many
Hot Dog
Down On Me
Flame On
Here I Go
I’m The Sun
Bye Bye
Indian Summer