Galaxie 500 – This is Our Music

Christmas is upon us again, and I have the annual task of writing something festive.  This year I have run out of ideas, but at this time of year I think of my favourite winter song.  This is Yoko Ono’s Listen, the Snow Is Falling, this has bassist Naomi Yang singing her first song. Listen to the drums shuffle along quietly and then then comes the break. My personal favourite, it reminds me of Spacemen 3.

Named after a nondescript car Galaxie 500, were ahead of their time.  The were the precursors of shoegaze long before the scene really got going.

This is Our Music is the final and probably best Galaxie 500 album. Starting with Fourth of July their single and title track from the album.  It exudes a sense of quiet resignation throughout.  There are some great lyrics in the song, ‘I wrote a poem on a dog biscuit.  and your dog refused to look at it.  So I got drunk and looked at the Empire State building it was no bigger than a nickel?’

The whole album swells up like an ocean then gently ebbs away. Emotionally charged to breaking point. Allegedly this is why its their last album.  To create something as emotionally stirring as this, took its toll on the trio.  In a way its reassuring that they split up at their zenith.

Galaxie 500 : This is Our Music

Fourth Of July
Hearing Voices
Way Up High
Listen, The Snow Is Falling
Melt Away
King Of Spain, Part Two