Heavenly – Le Jardin de Heavenly

Le Jardin de Heavenly is the second, and most critically acclaimed, album by twee pop band Heavenly. The album was released on Sarah Records in the United Kingdom and K Records in the United States. Beat Happening and K Records founder Calvin Johnson adds his croaky vocals on the track C is the Heavenly Option, which strangely reminds me of the Haysi Fantayzee track John Wayne Is Big Leggy.  The version I have is the K Records release which has an additional two tracks.  It is much more polished than their Talulah Gosh days laced with bittersweet melodies, perfect harmonies, and fuzzy guitars.  It has the addition of keyboard player and vocalist Cathy Rogers which makes the sound more robust almost makes the transition from twee to indiepop.

Heavenly : Le Jardin de Heavenly

Orange Corduroy Dress
Different Day
C Is The Heavenly Option
And The Birds Aren’t Singing
Sort Of Mine
So Little Deserve
I’m Not Scared Of You

Heavenly – Heavenly vs. Satan

From the ashes of indie twee Talulah Gosh, indie twee Heavenly was spawned. To the average listener there was not much difference between Talulah Gosh and Heavenly, to the indie expert that has the knowledge to rival the late John Peel there was not much difference between Talulah Gosh and Heavenly. It had all the redeeming factors of its precursor; twee, amateur and very shambolic. This is their first album released on Sarah Records, who were looking for a replacement for the label stalwarts The Field Mice. Its amazing to think that Talulah Gosh were not signed to the Sarah label, they could of been invented for each other.

Heavenly Vs. Satan is the first album from Heavenly.  It has the cute girly vocals from Amelia Fletcher. Which still sound raw and unpolished compared to future Heavenly albums. The lyrical content is very sixth form romance based, such as Cool Guitar Boy. There are only 8 tracks but it is packed with enough sugar to rot your teeth.

I realise that I am probably painting a negative picture of Heavenly. But you can safely say that if you like other Sarah bands like The Field Mice, Talulah Gosh, St Christopher and 14 Iced Bears, you will like Heavenly.

Heavenly : Heavenly vs. Satan

Cool Guitar Boy
Boyfriend Stays The Same
Lemonhead Boy
Wish Me Gone
Don’t Be Fooled
It’s You
Stop Before You Say It
I Fell In Love Last Night
Over And Over
Our Love Is Heavenly
Wrap My Arms Around Him
She Says
Escort Crash On Marston Street