Jacob’s Mouse – I’m Scared

I always got confused between Captain America and Jacob’s Mouse.  I thought it was because I saw them both in a short space of time, but infact it was Jacob’s Mouse who supported Captain America on their tour.  The early nineties was such a blur of great bands and classic gigs.

Three-piece noise merchants Jacob’s Mouse hailed from that well known centre of indie rock, Suffolk.  Two thirds of the line up comprised of identical twins, Hugo Boothby (guitar) and Jebb Boothby (bass).  The trio was completed by Sam Marsh, with inevitable accolade of being the Phil Collins of Bury St Edmonds.  He was a singing drummer. They all met at a swimming competition, and made friends because they all were wearing heavy metal t-shirts.  This was at the tender age of 11. They started to perform Status Quo covers (you can forgive them they weren’t even teenagers), and named themselves after their cousin’s pet.

After putting out a single which was Sounds Single of the week. They signed to Sam’s dad’s record label, Blithering Idiot.  They supported Captain America, Midway Still and Babes in Toyland on their UK jaunt, but failed to meet critical acclaim outside indie circles.  With the imminent grunge explosion Jacob’s Mouse deserved to be more popular. They wear their musical influences on their sleeves, and their records are seen as a mixture of different styles

I’m Scared is their second album and of their releases on Wiija records and follows on from their debut No Fish Shop Parking.  Despite being just over half an hour long, it packs in a selection of groove-based rock, psychedelic synth sounds with reggae and hip-hop rhythms. A showcase of the trio’s diverse musical taste.

Jacob’s Mouse : I’m Scared

jacobs mouse ImScaredKettle
Deep Canvas Lake
This Room
I’m Scared
Coalmine Dig
It’s A Thin Sound
Body Shop
Box Hole