Mercury Rev – Yerself is Steam

Yerself is Steam is the 1991 debut album by Mercury Rev.  It feels chaotic and psychedelic, with distorted guitars throughout.    Nowadays they write (rather good) lushly orchestrated, psychedelically-tinged pop songs.

It opens with Chasing a Bee  an aggressive, haunting piece which is really whacked out.  The guitar effects are mainlined into your ears.  Next up is the grunge thrash of Syringe Mouth, straight from the Sonic Youth Sister era archive. Coney Island Cyclone tries to bring normality back but it is still a chaotic wall of sound.  Even the down beat Frittering has a heavily fuzzing drone guitar in most of the song.

The version I have has the bonus CD with the Car Wash Hair single.  Dean Wareham from Galaxie 500 makes an appearance  on here.

I have seen Mercury Rev twice. The first time was in 1992 supporting Ride at Poole Arts Centre. David Baker came on and looked like Daz door step challenge Danny Baker and that is were the similarity ended. He rolled around on the stage floor and screamed into the microphone. That is all a really remember about that time.  The second time was at  V98, Deserters Songs had not been released and the band was at a high point. Car Wash Hair was a highlight, it even had a theremin being played in it.

Mercury Rev : Yerself is Steam

Chasing A BeeYerself
Syringe Mouth
Coney Island Cyclone
Blue And Black
Sweet Oddysee of a Cancer Cell T’ Th’ Center of Yer Heart
Continuous Trucks and Thunder Under a Mother’s Smile
Very Sleepy Rivers

Mercury Rev : Car Wash Hair EP

Car Wash Hair (The Bee’s Chasing Me) Full Pull
Chasing A Bee (4 Track Demo)
Coney Island Cyclone (4 Track Demo)
Untitled (Hidden Track)