Midway Still – I Won’t Try

In 2010 I saw Midway Still at the Cavern Club in Exeter.  The last time I had seen them was 18 years ago in Glastonbury in 1992 and at the Joiners Arms in Southampton in December 1991. It felt like the last 20 years had not happened.

Midway Still are well ’better than before’, excuse the pun. The years have been kinder to them than me. They quipped during the set, ’Hi, we were big in the early nineties, not a lot has changed since then Tories are still in power.’  It was a mixture of old and new songs. The new stuff is just as good as anything that they have done before.  I would urge anyone who likes Midway Still to go and buy the new album from Boss Tuneage.

They finished their set with their first single I Won’t Try.  After the show I was determined to get my hands on a Midway Still, Marks & Spencer parody T-Shirt.  This involved asking a band member. I always go to pieces if I have to speak to anyone that is an indie hero of mine.  I stopped Paul Thomson and asked to buy a t-shirt.  I said that I saw them 18 years ago. Paul told me that they were much tighter as a band now, this I truly believe.  Then I went to pieces and started jabbering on about the old days.


Midway Still : I Won’t Try

I Won’t Try

Midway Still – Life’s Too Long

The second offering by Midway Still.  Much of the same from the Kent trio.  Not quite as good as the debut, it was produced by Leatherface’s Frankie Stubbs.  It shows the band becoming more mature.  With softer interludes in the album. It should of been a massive hit, it sounded very American and it was firmly nodding towards grunge. This would not be the case, it kept Midway Still at the indie fringes.

They disbanded shortly after, while working on their third long player.

Midway Still : Life’s Too Long

Jamie And Gigi
Straight Line
Out Of View
Sell These Years
Counting Days
Strange How

Midway Still – Dial Square

Midway Still had a brief period of popularity after the decline of baggy. Vaguely sounding like US counter parts Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, and Neil Young.  Strangely, these comparisons did not help them attract any interest from the followers of the grunge scene.

The NME stated that Midway Still had the most boring logo and ran a competition for readers to design a new logo. The winning entry was a design based on the Converse All-Star logo. Except it said ,’Midway Still’, and amusingly where Chuck Taylor was written on the Converse logo the winning logo said ‘Chuck Off’.  I met Paul Thomson from Midway Still a few years back and asked him if he had any of the Converse logo t-shirts, but he said that ebay would be the only place to get them.

Dial Square is beautiful poppy punk without a grebo aftertaste, the songs have aged well and I am probably enjoying them much more now.

Midway Still : Dial Square

Better Than Before
Me In You
Making Time
Killing Time
Come Down
Make A Start
What You Said
Brand New

Midway Still – Better than Before

Somewhat crusty, a little shoegazey and even baggy Midway Still seem to cover all bases. The Better than Before EP starts off sounding like Dinosaur Junior, with I Won’t Try, which was their first single.  Florid drumming seems to take over What You Said (Shimmyglitter Mix). An EP that epitomises the scene of the time, just before grunge scene was about to take off

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Midway Still have reformed after a 17 year break. They have an album that came out in April 2010 called Note To Self released on Boss Tuneage.

Midway Still : Better Than Before  

Better Than Before
In Front of You
I Won’t Try (Lazy Version)
What You Said (Shimmyglitter Mix)