Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Brainbloodvolume

The last proper studio album Ned’s has put out. Brainbloodvolume has a mature mixture of styles, they expanded from their original grebo thrashy pop, adding touches of electro. It still has the energy that you would expect from them.

A very solid album that was lost and sold really poorly at the time. It came out in 1995, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin were old news. Everyone had moved onto Brit pop.

The singles off the album did not fare much better. All I Ask Of Myself Is That I Hold Together charted at 33. It had a particularly radio-unfriendly industrial metallic sound. The other single Stuck only made it to the 64th position, and it sounds very like the classic Ned’s song Selfish from God Fodder

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin : Bloodbrainvolume 

All I Ask Of Myself Is That I Hold Together
Talk Me Down
Your Only Joke
…To Be Right
I Want It Over
Song Eleven Could Take Forever


Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – God Fodder

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin was very popular in the early nineties, and forerunners of the grebo scene. Much maligned by the music press and trendy sorts. They had 86 different t-shirt designs to their name. So it was not uncommon to spot a Ned’s t-shirt around.

Very overlooked considering that their releases were solid.  God Fodder, their first major and best release.  It is an extremely catchy album with lyrics about being a teenager.  It includes the head waggingly good singles; Happy, Kill Your Television and Grey Cell Green.  They were lumped in with other bands with ridiculous haircuts such as Pop Will Eat Itself, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine and were also likened to the more sensibly styled Jesus Jones.

In an era where grunge was king, Ned’s went the pure power pop route. Kill Your Television a pogoing anthemic classic with a chorus to be shouted.  The guitar sound was unique as there were two bassists, one taking on the normal bass lines, the other adding bass melodies, creating a wall of noise. So grab your size XL F£ %king F*^k t-shirt, baggy shorts and ridiculous haircut and give it a go.

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin : God FodderNed's_Atomic_Dustbin-God_Fodder

Kill Your Television
Less Than Useful
Grey Cell Green
Cut Up
Throwing Things
Capital Letters
Your Complex
Nothing Like
Until You Find Out
What Gives My Son?

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Stuck

The swansong from The Ned’s was an uncharacteristically slow number and it has a couple of acoustic tracks on the b-side.  Which astonishingly they pull off very well, yet the style of the song is unmistakeably Ned’s.  There is some very sensitive guitar work in places, John Penney’s vocals are quieter and slower. But, each song could be played at 100mph, every lyric shouted out and two thunderous bass guitars in the background.  Stuck made it onto the Radio One B-list

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin : Stuck

…To Be Right (Acoustic Version)
Stuck (Acoustic Version)
A Tempted Fate

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Kill Your Television

She said, she said, “You don’t know shit.
Because you’ve never been there.”

An opening played at breakneck speed, which is surprising because there are two bassists.  It sounds really punk too.  If you went up to any 90s indie kid and asked, “name a Ned’s song?”  The answer would undoubtedly be ‘Kill Your Television’.  Eventhough Happy was a better song and had more success in the charts.

Earlier versions of this single have the song That’s Nice, this has the epic Terminally Groovie.  This might be my favourite Ned’s song ever, yet it does not really sound like them, the vocals are very different.

The single finishes with Kill Your Remix.  Which is very similar to the original with a few parts layered over the top. At least it is not a spikey techno remix.

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin : Kill Your Television

Kill Your Television R-2159296-1330370505
Terminally Groovie
Kill Your Remix