Northside – Chicken Rhythms

Northside were stuck midway in the Madchester baggy scene.  Not as good as The Stone Roses or Happy Mondays but not as appalling as The Farm and Candy Flip.  In the same division as The Paris Angels and The Mock Turtles.  They had some cracking singles Take 5 and Shall We Take A Trip.  In the latter there is a frantically busy jangly guitar and snare, which I am told is not unlike taking LSD when everything seems very ‘busy’.  Take 5 is a bit like a Madchester power anthem, baggy’s version of We Built This City.

The only album Chicken Rhythms is pure baggyness, and Northside do it so well.  Very groovy and funky baggy beats, with a nasal northern John Lydon style vocals.  A Change is on it’s Way sounds like Oasis vocals, I think Liam borrowed heavily from Northside. It is probably a good thing that they only had one album.  When baggy was not vogue, I doubt Northside could do anything else.  Which is good because they would not have suffered a backlash.

Northside – Chicken Rhythms + Singles

Take5Take 5
Weight Of Air
Funky Munky
A Change Is On Its Way
Yeah Man
Tour De World
Wishful Thinking
Shall We Take A Trip
Who’s To Blame
Practise Makes Perfect
My Rising Star
Moody Places
Tour De World (Live)
Yeah Man (Live)