Popinjays – Bang Up To Date With The Popinjays

The Popinjays are Wendy Robinson and Polly Hancock.  I had the pleasure of seeing the Popinjays at The Joiners Arms, Southampton back in August 1992, on the Monster Mouth tour.  I think I have probably mentioned that both Wendy and Polly had the shiniest glossiest jet black hair that I had ever seen.

Bang Up To Date with The Popinjays, released in April 1990,  it features the single Please Let Me Go, which was also named Single of the Week in Melody Maker. There is a cover of The Beatles Rain, which is pretty faithful to the original the only remarkable difference is the change in gender of the lead singer.

The rest of the album is kitsch, cheesy and quirky ride.  To the extent that if René Dif popped up halfway through a track and exclaimed, “Come on, Barbie, let’s go party!” It would not sound out of place.  Although I Don’t Believe in Anything reminds me of The Primitives.

 Popinjays – Bang Up To Date With The Popinjays

Please Let Me Go
Doctor Fell
Hey! (Back To The Beginning)
Perfect Dream Home
I Don’t Believe In Anything
Thinking About The Weather
Mr Spacecase
Laughing At It All
Kissing Cowboys

Popinjays – Monster Mouth

Looking through a box of 7” singles, I saw this gem.  A bouncy indie pop single produced by Ian Broudie of the Lightning Seeds.  The beginning of Monster Mouth is very busy, not unlike Life of Riley by The Lighting Seeds.  I saw the Popinjays in August 1992 at the Joiners Arms, and I was struck how shiny  Wendy Robinson and Polly Hancock’s hair was.   They had a wacky Dee Liteseque cute retro hippy kitsch about them.  Think of bright colours and big flowers, and you get the idea.

The cover on the record is very clever.  A playmobil yellow submarine with Polly and Wendy in it.  The record catalogue number looks like the registration plate of the submarine.  The One Little Indian catalogue number has ‘TP’ in the code.  Where would you find One Little Indian? In a teepee of course.

Popinjays : Monster Mouth

Popinjays-Monster-Mouth-511965Monster Mouth
Something About You