S.K.A.W – Nobody Better

After having a scratch round the cupboards.  I found this 12” by the S.K.A.W. To say that not much is known about this band is an understatement.  I brought the 12” after seeing them at a festival in Portsmouth Guildhall.  My memory fails me but I think Th’ Faith Healers were there too.  I saw them at Winchester Festival with the Cropdusters and a tremendous ska outfit called Knucklehead.

The S.K.A.W were from Portsmouth and there were plenty of them.  They had a harmonica player too.  They had a retro self-belief which was refreshing, a really great live act.

Lead singer Andy Frank, who also sang with Pusherman was tragically found dead at his home in Los Angeles last year. He was 42 years old.

S.K.A.W : Nobody Better

Nobody Better
Honey Child





S.K.A.W. – Without You

The second and possibly the last single from Portsmouth’s finest S.K.A.W. (Some Kind a Wonderful, only guessing). Without You is a  track with a baggy beat, rock guitars, epic harmonica and Andy Frank’s gritty gravely vocals.  From that description you may think that it is a disaster but fortunately it is another credit to their very short back catalogue.

I have a promo of the single which has the following write-up.  I have been to Portsmouth many times and would not use the term funkster as liberally as publicist did.


S.K.A.W. : Without You

Without YouSkaw-Without-You
Are Yer Chickens Layin’ Eggs
Without You (Beat Junkies Mix)