Spirea X – Speed Reaction

The Speed Reaction EP, shows Spirea X still had C86 leanings, but with a few dance beats thrown into songs such as in Re: Action. Which is a remix of Speed Reaction, it is ironic that Jim Beatie also embraces dance music like his former band Primal Scream.  Spirea X disappeared with only one album and two singles to their name.  They were only active in 1991, which was the year Primal Scream released 4 classic singles.

The other EP was Chlorine Dream. The only new song on here and not on the album was Risk. After the two EPs came out, the album Fireblade Skies was released. That was all they produced before they called it a day. Jim Beattie and Judith Boyle emerged again in Adventures in Stereo in the mid-’90s.

Spirea X : Speed Reaction

Speed Reaction
What Kind Of Love
Jet Pilot


Spirea X – Fireblade Skies

A virtually unknown band who had one fantastic album. Spirea X’s name was taken from a Primal Scream b-side, and was fronted by ex-‘scream’ guitarist Jim Beattie. Beattie was worn out from the tour schedule with Primal Scream, promptly left and set up Spirea X. Much was expected, nothing happened unfortunately.

Spirea X – Fireblade Skies  

Nothing Happened Yesterday
Chlorine Dream
Fire And Light
Spirea 9
Speed Reaction
Confusion In My Soul
Signed D.C.
Sisters & Brothers
Sunset Dawn
Spirea Rising