St Christopher – All of a Tremble

There is a St Christopher anthology due to be released this September, after reading this happy news I dug out my copy of All a Tremble.

Formed in York in 1984 and spent over 20 years bringing a warm glow of indiepop to those who want it. They recorded with lots of indie labels such as Bus Stop, Vinyl Japan, Elefant, Slumberland, Caff, and Parasol. The most famous label they signed to was Sarah, and they fitted in with the whole Sarah ethos. I would always consider them a Sarah band even though they spent more time away from Sarah, than part of it.

All of a Tremble is their most widely known work and was released on both Sarah and Bus Stop. The featured version is the Sarah copy

St Christopher : All of a Tremble

All of a Tremble
My Fortune
The Humming Bird