Teenage Fanclub – Bandwagonsque

This came out in 1991 it was part of a classic year from Creation records. That year Screamadelica and Loveless were released. Bandwagonsque will always be remembered for beating Nirvana’s Nevermind and REM’s Out of Time in the Spin magazine albums of the year poll. Personally I have much more time for the ‘fannies’ than Nirvana and REM.

Bandwagonesque operates on many different levels. It can be noisy or melodic, in essence it is sweet, simple melodies and noisy guitars.  Or the Brian Jonestown Massacre meets The Dandy Warhols.  In The Concept there are the following lyrics, “She wears denim wherever she goes / Says she’s gone to get some records by the Status Quo”. This is arguably their greatest song ever. Bandwagonesque allegedly owes much to Big Star, but songs like What You Do to Me does sound a bit like Status Quo.  I have to admit that What You Do to Me is my own personal favourite

I saw Teenage Fanclub at Southampton University in 1992. Redd Cross were supporting, I had not ever seen anything like Redd Cross. It was all a bit wacky. For their finale Norman Blake joined Redd Kross and played amongst them.

Teenage Fanclub – Bandwagonesque

The Concept
What You Do To Me
I Don’t Know
Star Sign
Metal Baby
Pet Rock
Guiding Star
Is This Music