Th’ Faith Healers – L’

A collection of early EPs, put together to give the public the chance of hearing Th’ Faith Healers at the start of their short lived career. It starts off with Pop Song which is a raw distorted angry punk song, anything except a pop song really. The vocals are almost spat out.

All the songs have a lo-fi production quality about them, and sound that the band have a free rein to push their instruments, and let go of themselves. The whole experience is very cathartic. There are blasts of intense noise rather than the mesmerizing drone that they would later become associated with.  It is refreshing to hear, “ SLLLAAAAGG” being screamed out in track 3 and not outside a kebab shop on a Friday night

It is interesting to compare the raw performance of Reptile Smile and Gorgeous Blue (Flower), before they appear on later more polished recordings.

Th’ Faith Healers : L’

CS1375847-02A-BIGPop Song
Reptile Smile
Gorgeous Blue
Not A God

Th’ Faith Healers – Don’t Jones Me – And Then Some

Released roughly the same time as Lido. Don’t Jones Me is more darkly repetitive and less grebo lurch/sugar sweet than the album. It does not sound like a Loop or Spacemen 3, there is still a grebo crusty undercurrent. Th’ Faith Healers used a droney mesmerising sound in the EP particularly in Gorgeous Blue Flower. This song marked a high point in their career.

Pop Trivia fact – Roxanne Stephen from Th’ Faith Healers guested on Moose’s XYZ album in 1992.
Pop Trivia fact #2 – Th’ in the band’s name used to be The’, but the band joked that the missing e’ had been stolen by Thee Hypnotics. Allegedly.

R-387282-1277249076.jpegTh’ Faith Healers : Don’t Jones Me – And Then Some

Don’t Jones Me
Gorgeous Blue Flower
My Loser
Oh Baby

Th’ Faith Healers – Lido

Th’ Faith Healers had only two full albums to their name and hung around the edges of indiedom. They seemed to be stuck in the 25 date, small venue tours of the nation’s back street music pubs. They were not unlike Silverfish, and adored by the crusty fraternity. They loved their Krautrock too. They even covered Can’s Mother Sky.

They were active between 1990 till 1993. They came back in 2006 to do a tour after their Peel Sessions were released.

They were never part of the shoegazing circle and but are deeply attached to the early nineties indie music scene.

Th’ Faith Healers : Lido

This Timelido
A Word Of Advice
Hippy Hole
Don’t Jones Me
Reptile Smile
Love Song
Mother Sky
It’s Easy Being You
Spin ½