The Bedflowers – Songs : Summer 1990

In the early nineties before widespread internet use and podcasts if you wanted to discover new music, you listened to the radio. I fondly remember coming home from a night out on a Saturday, switching on the radio turning the volume off and recording John Peel while I slept. I would wake up in the morning and the light on the radio would still be on. From this I made many discoveries. Some of the things I heard I would never listen to again, like a spoken word radio parody Broadcast Booth by The Drag Racing Underground, the other was The Bedflowers I’m So Cool. This is no longer a distant memory, with the help of the internet.

The Bedflowers were a duo from Tottington north of Manchester. Janice White and Danny Moran formed the band in 1989. They recruited some help in the form of Howard Goody and Shelia Seal both from The Man from Delmonte to create a three track demo. Songs – Summer 1990 would be their only release and it was on the Manchester Bop! label, which was home to Demonte too.

It has a catchy, fresh gangly twee guitar feel. Janice Whites’s vocals sound not unlike Amelia Fletcher’s from Talulah Gosh. The whole thing was recorded on a shoestring budget which adds the the amateurish appeal.

It is the lyrics and the wit that are the real selling point of the demo. Candidate for the greatest song title ever would be You’re Not Blonde and Stupid, But Nobody’s Perfect. The standout track is I’m So Cool. In just under 3 minutes it mentions everything that was important to me in 1990. It has references to Dr Martens, the NME and The Wedding Present. It is a sideways look at youth culture in the early nineties.

The Bedflowers : Songs : Summer 1990

Madly In Love With 25 People
You’re Not Blonde And Stupid, But Nobody’s Perfect
I’m So Cool