Popguns – Love Junky

There must of been a great indie scene in Brighton with 14 Iced Bears and The Popguns hailing from there. Love Junky is often regarded as their best album.  It is a slice of catchy indie pop that really deserved to be successful.  It showcases the talents of vocalist Wendy Morgan, it is her voice that drives the the songs and the whole album.

The Popguns : Love Junky

(I’ll) Take You Down
Get Out
Second Time Around
Someone To Dream Of
Under Starlight
A Miserable Boy
How To Face It
Here In Heaven
Over Your Head
So Cold

The Popguns – Snog

The Popguns were a Brighton based jangle indie band who were compared to The Wedding Present. It was often said that if The Wedding Present swapped Gedge for a female vocalist, they would sound like The Popguns. This was compounded by the fact that former Wedding Present drummer Shaun Charmen was a member of the band.

The sound is what you would expect of a pre-Madchester indie combo. Hanging on to the a shambolic scene; which is not a bad thing. Doomed as seriously radio unfriendly music, anti-mainstream and anti-stardom. It is still wonderful powerful guitar pop music with incredible melodies and a captivating mixture of melancholy and energy.

The Popguns – Snog

Still A World Away
Where Do You Go?
Put Me Through It
You Must Never Know
In My Head
Bye Bye Baby
Send Me Shame
Going Under