The Stairs – Mexican R’n’B

Parody or pastiche? The Stairs Mexican R’n’B takes the sixties pop imitation to extreme limits. It is recorded in mono, the band said that, ‘if mono is good enough for Phil Spector it is good enough for us.’ They were completely obsessive about the early beat bands and they emulated everything about them. Edgar Summertyme the charismatic and colourful lead singer had big ideas about the band and their music. His voice was a gutsy growl that came out of a mouth the size of their home town of Liverpool.

The album has Mersey beat tendencies. The Stairs would not look out of place on the set of Ready Steady Go, with their sound or look.

In 2008, some songs from The Stairs unreleased 2nd album was released, entitled “Who Is This Is”.

The Stairs : Mexican R’n’B  

Mary Joanna
Mr Window Pane
Out In The Country
Laughter In Their Eyes
Sweet Thing 2
Russian R’n’B (The World Shall Not Be Saved)
Right In The Back Of Your Mind
Flying Machine
Mexican R’n’B
Take No Notice Of The World Outside
Mundane Mundae
When It All Goes Wrong
Wrap Me Round Your Finger
Weed Bus
Woman Gone And Say Goodbye
Sometimes The World Escapes Me
Fall Down The Rain