Trembling Blue Stars – Lips That Taste of Tears

Another dose of wrenching heartbreak and despair. To add to the momentous sadness Bobby Wrattons’s former love and Field Mice member Anne Mari Davies appears here too. There are some electro touches here, namely Tailspin. This is a completely different level to the synth used on the The Field Mice’s Triangle. It is more of a house dance groove song than the Trembling Blue Stars having a cursory dance track. The album was engineered by Ian Catt (multi instrumentalist and Saint Etienne touring band member), and he is responsible for the new direction. The Rainbow has even some trip hop bleeps, which sit beautifully on the song and doesn’t seem out of place.

They still stick to their indiepop roots in Made for Each Other. It still doesn’t raise a smile, but is some of
the most beautiful music around.

Trembling Blue Stars : Lips That Taste of Tears

All I Never Said 
Never Loved You More
The Rainbow
Made For Each Other
Letter Never Sent
I’m Tired, I’ve Tried
You’ve Done Nothin Wrong Really
Old Photographs
Never Loved You More 2
Cecilia In Black And White
Farewell To Forever


Trembling Blue Stars – Bathed In Blue

Bathed In Blue is the second single/EP from the Trembling Blue Stars fifth album, The Seven Autumn Flowers. Clocking in at over half an hour long it is more of a mini album. It opens with the first version of The Sea Is So Quiet, the title is misleading. I was expecting a sombre ballad of melancholy, but instead it is a jangly upbeat song. This is one of the few times that the Trembling Blue Stars have done this. The other version of The Sea Is So Quiet is a longer version, the vocals do not kick in till halfway through. It starts off very slowly, building up atmosphere. Not as jangly as other version. The Silence And Games  is sung by Annemari Davies sounding like Strawberry Switchblade without the tinny background melody. Bobby Wratton’s love for the Cure can clearly be seen if the fourth track, darkly goth vocals and a little bit of electronica in the background. The Cure theme is carried on in the rest of the EP. In Branches there is a harpsichord or a very tinny piano, the only other song that I can think of with a harpsichord is, The Field Mice, This is not Here. If you were expecting something similar you would be disappointed, the harpsichord sounds like it is being played in a horror film score.

Trembling Blue Stars : Bathed in Blue

The Sea Is So Quiet
Through The Silence And Games
The Sea Is So Quiet (Long Version)
Wounded Light
This Is Bliss