Wozniak – Auster


Auster is the second EP from Edinburgh four-piece, Wozniak.

The opening track Snow Effect has all the characteristics of a classic shoegaze track, ethereal vocals and jangly chiming guitars.  But it is held together with a rock-solid rhythm section.  The bass sounds really distorted and fuzzy, next to the really crisp drums.  This is the engine to this song and the whole EP,  anchoring all the vocals and the spiralling guitars.

Wings on Pegasus is an upbeat instrumental track that juxtaposes a filthy scuzzy bassline with pristine guitar melodies.  Just when you thought that it could not get more intense Gospel of Infinity pushes the boundaries further.  You think that the guitars are going to slip into meltdown, but they thankfully take the noise to the edge and then bring it back.

The closer is Hester + Zelda an 8 minute epic, that is very post rock. The reverb so high in the opening guitars it could of been recorded in a cave.  It builds and recedes and builds again, very cinematic.